Today in the city Napaskiak 26.06.2017
Op-Ed: The establishment bags another prey in the form of Uber's deposed CEO Travis Kalanick

Uber's Travis Kalanick was finally hunted down creating a chilling effect for the next innovator, says Jake Novak.

Op-Ed: What good are hypersonic jets if it still takes 4 hours to get to the airport?

The dream of super fast hypersonic jets won't help until we make getting to get to the airport faster, says Jake Novak

Op-Ed: Senate health bill holdouts need to push for 3 key changes

Here are three essential changes the GOP Senate health bill holdouts should demand for their votes, says Jake Novak.

These Books Make Us Literally Laugh Out Loud

A good movie can lift your mood in mere moments. But since it's not always convenient to queue up Netflix when you're feeling sad, it always helpful to have a book that makes you smile nearby.Fortunat...

Op-Ed: Here's the real lesson Democrats need to learn from Jon Ossoff's loss

Democrats need to get the message from Jon Ossoff's stinging loss in Georgia, and fast, says Jake Novak

Boris Becker Declared Bankrupt over Outstanding Debt from 2015

Six-time Grand Slam champion Boris Becker has been declared bankrupt after failing to repay a debt outstanding since October 2015. According to the Press Association (via the Guardian), a request...

Why Supernatural's Possible Spin-Off Wayward Sisters Is So Important

Supernatural is a show about two monster-fighting brothers who are so macho, my friend once asked me if their impossibly deep baritone voices were a joke. The Winchester brothers — played by two strap...

Op-Ed: Trump can lower prescription drug prices by doing one thing 'he already likes to do'

Here are 3 quick and effective ways for President Trump to lower prescription drug prices, says Jake Novak.

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