Today in the city Napaskiak 12.12.2017
With Carson Wentz's injury, there's a growing buzz that Colin Kaepernick might be a good fit to help the Eagles' playoff push

The Philadelphia Eagles lost Carson Wentz to a season-ending knee injury and could be in need of quarterback depth. As has happened with numerous teams with quarterback injuries this year, many fans w...

The FBI's credibility is taking another blow as the probe of Bernie Sanders' wife continues

The ongoing probe of Bernie Sanders' wife is the latest example of the government's credibility crisis, says Jake Novak.

ID-PR Parts Ways With Publicists for Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams

Liz Mahoney and Megan Pachon, prominent publicists who represent such A listers as Jennifer Lawerence and Amy Adams, are out at ID-PR. The pair exited the firm, headed by Kelly Bush Novak and Mara Bux...

Harold Ford's firing could bring the harassment crisis to Wall Street

Morgan Stanley's firing of Harold Ford, Jr. shows the harassment tsunami could soon hit Wall Street, says Jake Novak.

Here's why the government shutdown scare tactics don't hold up

Shutdown threats are a disingenuous tool that misleads the people and keeps budget deficits soaring, says Jake Novak.

Franken and Conyers scandals could save the Democrats

John Conyers' resignation and pressure on Sen. Al Franken give Dems a way to forge a real future, says Jake Novak.

Trump's Jerusalem move would make peace more likely

President Trump's expected move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital will help achieve peace, says Jake Novak.

Navajo Code Talker George B. Willie Sr. Dies in Arizona

A Navajo Code Talker who used his native language to outsmart the Japanese in World War II has died in Arizona.

Comey and Holder make unethical response to Trump

Trump's "FBI in tatters" tweet has been met with unethical responses from James Comey and Eric Holder, says Jake Novak.

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